Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23, 2013

BOB SEGER...Back In '72  (1973)
Back In '72 was released 40 years ago in 1973 and it reached number 188 on the U.S. Billboard Album Charts.  This was before Bob Seger would achieve his superstar status with his big FM-friendly hits, but one should not ignore this record just because it doesn't have those familiar tracks on it.  It does, however, contain an excellent studio version of "Turn The Page", which is just as good as the live one we've all heard for almost 4 decades (it's just an excellent song to begin with).  Back In '72 also opens with the Gregg Allman classic "Midnight Rider" but it sounds nothing like the original.  Also included is a cover of Free's "Stealer", done very well and Van Morrison's "I've Been Working"  The other 6 are penned by Seger.  The album rocks, Bob Seger's familiar vocals add to the flavor (Seger stated he doesn't like the vocals on the record), plus for this writer it was refreshing to hear Seger singing something besides the hits.  I think it deserves a very strong 3 1/2 out of 5 stars and is highly recommended.  Just the studio version of "Turn The Page" makes it worth a listen.  Unfortunately, Seger has never officially released the album on CD and it has also never been reprinted on vinyl, making it a rare find.  The provided links for the CD are bootlegs
(CD, vinyl, Allmusic review)

Johnny Winter is 69; Brad Whitford from Aerosmith is 61; Michael Wilton from Queensryche is 51; Jeff Beres from Sister Hazel is 42;


1965 The Beatles begin filming their second movie Eight Arms To Hold You, later named Help!, in the Bahamas
1978 At the Grammys The Eagles win Record Of The Year for Hotel California and Fleetwood Mac wins Album Of The Year for Rumours
2000 Carlos Santana won eight Grammy awards, including album of the year for Supernatural, tying the record set by Michael Jackson in 1983 for most trophies in one night. Elton John receives the Living Legend Award
2005 Muscle Shoals Studio in Sheffield Alabama has to close due to lack of business. We've all heard music that was recorded there by acts such as the Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan and others
2006 The Rolling Stones have a free concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 20 people are injured as the crowd becomes a little rowdy
2010 The British Culture Minister declares Abbey Road studios, where The Beatles recorded nearly all their albums, an official historic landmark due to "the historic merit of the studios" and because of its "huge cultural importance."

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