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Playlist: Elvis In The 70's
To many, Elvis Presley’s music career ended when he became a movie star and went into the Army. While there is some validity to that argument, I present to you today’s playlist highlighting what I consider to be some of the finer moments in his career – all from the 1970’s and the records that I found them on. Sync and enjoy.

Way Down – Moody Blue
Polk Salad Annie – Live at Madison Square Garden
Promised Land – Promised Land
Steamroller Blues – Aloha From Hawaii
See See Rider – On Stage (February 1970)
Burning Love – Walk A Mile in My Shoes
T-R-O-U-B-L-E – Today
Raised On Rock – Raised on Rock./For Ol’ Times Sake
Got My Mojo Working/Keep Your Hands Off Of It – Love Letters From Elvis
My Boy – Good Times
Hurt – From Elvis Presley Boulevard
Always On my Mind – The Essential
Separate Ways – Burning Love

Playlist: Joe Bonamassa
Joe Bonamassa is one of the best kept secrets in music today. He began his career playing guitar in the band Bloodline. He released his first solo album in 2000, and has since released nine more solo studio albums, four live albums and three live DVDs, along with two albums with the band Black Country Communion and one album in collaboration with vocalist Beth Hart. Today’s playlist features 10 tracks showcasing his excellent guitar playing and the records I found them on. Sync and Enjoy.

Long Distance Blues – Blues Deluxe
Black Lung Heartache – Dust Bowl
Takin’ The Hit – So it’s Like That
Driving Towards The Daylight – Driving Towards The Daylight
The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall – Black Country Communion 2 by Black County Communion
Third Degree – Unusual Suspects – Leslie West
Miss You, Hate You – A New Day Yesterday
The Ballad of John Henry – The Ballad of John Henry
Blues Deluxe – Blues Deluxe
Sloe Gin – Live From The Royal Albert Hall

Playlist: The Greatest Eric Clapton Guitar Tracks

Eric Clapton is simply one of the greatest guitarists to ever strap on the instrument. Today’s playlist is 10 of the best examples why – and the records I found them on. The music speaks for itself. Sync and enjoy.

1. Stone Free – Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix
2. Have You Ever Loved A woman – E.C.Was Here
3. Crossroads – Cream – Wheels Of Fire
4. Early In The Morning – Just One Night
5. Old Love – 24 Nights
6. River Of Tears – One More Rider, One More Car
7. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright – Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert (not on Spotify)
8. Stormy Monday – Cream – Royal Albert Hall ‘05
9. Voodoo Child – With Steve Winwood – Live at Madison Square Garden (not on Spotify)
10. Bernard Jenkins – John Mayall – Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton

Playlist: Bob Marley

Bob Marley remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited with helping spread both Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience. For today's playlist we present 10 tracks from Bob and the records I found them on. Sync And Enjoy!

1. Mellow Mood - 1970 - Songs of Freedom
2. Trench Town Rock - 1976 - Songs of Freedom
3. Concrete Jungle - 1973 - Catch A Fire
4. Natural Mystic - 1977 - Natural Mystic
5. Three Little Birds - 1977 - Songs of Freedom
6. Easy Skanking - 1978 - Songs of Freedom
7. Don't Rock My Boat - 1973 - Legend Lives On
8. So Much Trouble In The World - 1979 - Rebel Music
9. Bend Down Low - 1967 - Talkin' Blues
10 - War - 1976 - Songs of Freedom

Playlist: Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield is a winner of both the Grammy Legend Award (in 1994) and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (in 1995),and was a double inductee into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted as a member of The Impressions into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991, and again in 1999 as a solo artist. He is also a 2 time Grammy Hall of Fame inductee. For today's playlist we present 10 tracks from Curtis and the records I found them on. Sync And Enjoy!

1. Move On Up - 1970 - The Anthology 1961-1977
2. People Get Ready - The Impressions - 1965 - The Anthology 1961-1977
3. So In Love - 1975 - There's No Place Like America Today
4. The Makings Of You - 1970 - The Anthology 1961-1977
5. Jesus - 1975 - There's No Place Like America Today
6. We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue - 1970 - Move On Up: The Best Of
7. Choice of Colors - The Impressions - 1969 - The Anthology 1961-1977
8. To Be Invisible - 1974 - Sweet Exorcist
9. Billy Jack - 1975 - There's No Place Like America Today
10. Keep On pushing - The Impressions - 1964

Playlist: Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder has recorded more than thirty U.S. top ten hits and received twenty-two Grammy Awards, the most ever awarded to a male solo artist. Wonder is also noted for his work as an activist for political causes, including his 1980 campaign to make Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a holiday in the United States. In 2009, Wonder was named a United Nations Messenger of Peace. In 2008, Billboard magazine released a list of the Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists to celebrate the US singles chart's fiftieth anniversary, with Wonder at number five. For today's playlist we present 10 tracks from Stevie that are emotionally and physically moving, and the records they can be found on. Sync And Enjoy!

1. Big Brother - Talking Book 1972
2. All I Do - Hotter Than July 1980
3. I Was Made To Love Her - I Was Made To Love Her 1967
4. Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) - Music Of My Mind 1972
5. As - Sings In The Key Of Life1976
6. I Don't Know Why - For Once In My Life 1968
7. Hapiper Then The Morning Sun - Music Of My Mind 1972
8. That Girl - Original Musicquarium I 1981
9. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) - Talking Book 1972
10. Living For The City - Innervisions 1973

Playlist: David Bowie 1970-1980

David Bowie is widely regarded as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s, and is known for his distinctive voice and the intellectual depth of his work. For today's playlist we present 14 tracks from those 'classic' years 1970-1980, and the records they can be found on. Sync And Enjoy!

1. The Man Who Sold The World - The Man Who Sold The World 1971
2. Changes - Hunky Dory - 1971
3. Five Years - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars 1972
4. Life On Mars - Hunky Dory 1971
5. Starman - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars 1972
6. Lady Grinning Soul - Aladdin Sane 1973
7. The Jean Genie - Aladdin Sane 1973
8. John, I'm Only Dancing - ChangesOneBowie 1976
9. Young Americans - Young Americans 1975
10. Fame - Young Americans 1975
11. Warszawa - Low 1977
12. "Heroes" - Heroes 1977
13. Ashes To Ashes - Scary Monsters 1980
14. Up The Hill Backwards - Scary Monsters 1980

Playlist: Janis Joplin

It’s hard to believe that Janis Joplin has been gone 40 years as of today! In honor of her, here are 10 tracks, and the albums they can be found on, that show just what a unique artist she truly was. We miss you Janis! Sync And Enjoy!

1. Bye Bye Baby - Big Brother And the Holding Company
2. I Need A Man To Love - Cheap Thrills
3. One Good Man - I Got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again
4. Me And Bobby McGee (Demo) - Pearl (Legacy Edition)
5. Ball And Chain - Joplin In Concert
6. Amazing Grace / Hi Heel Sneakers - Farewell Song
7. Maybe - Box of Pearls
8. Summertime - Live At Winterland 68
9. To Love Somebody - The Woodstock Experience
10. Mercedes Benz- 18 Essential Songs

You can also listen to these tracks here.

Playlist: John Lennon - The Lost Weekend

This week Pattie Daley - one time girlfriend of Jessie Ed Davis - unearthed a treasure trove of photos she took in 1974 in LA. All 4 Beatles members are in various photos. They were taken during John Lennon's infamous "lost weekend" while he was separated from wife Yoko Ono. John worked on several musical projects during this time. Today's playlist features 10 tracks from this period. Load up you ipod, sync and enjoy.

1. You Can't Catch Me - John's "Rock 'N' Roll"
2. Stand By Me - John's "Rock 'N' Roll"
3. Lucille - John with Paul McCartney - studio jam session unreleased
4. Many River's To Cross - Harry Nilsson "Pussycats" - produced by John
5. All My Life - Harry Nilsson "Pussycats" - produced by John
6. Rock Around The Clock - Harry Nilsson "Pussycats" - produced by John
7. Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox) - John's "Walls and Bridges"
8. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night - John's "Walls and Bridges"
9. Bless You - John's "Walls and Bridges"
10. Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out) - John's "Walls and Bridges"

Playlist: Aerosmith - The Covers

Sept 16, 2010 - Tonight Aerosmith take the stage in Vancouver, Canada in what could be their final concert ever – with the Tyler/Perry feud and Steven doing ‘American Idol’ and desire to record a solo record leaving the bands status unknown. Aerosmith is the best-selling American rock band of all time and have influenced many artists. Here is a playlist of a few of their tracks – all covers from artists that influenced them. Song titles are followed by the original artist and then Aerosmith record where you can obtain the tracks. Some well known, others not so much. Worth a listen. Load up your iPod and give it a listen.

1. Walkin’ The Dog (Rufus Thomas) – Aerosmith
2. Train Kept A Rollin’ (Johnny Burnette / Yardbirds) - Get Your Wings
3. Big Ten Inch Record (Bull “Moose” Jackson) – Toys In The Attic
4. Milk Cow Blues (Kokomo Arnold) – Draw The Line
5. Come Together (Beatles) – single
6. Mother Popcorn (James Brown) - Live Bootleg
7. Remember (Walking In The Sand) (Shangri-Las) – Night In The Ruts
8. Think About It (Yardbirds) – Night In The Ruts
9. Cry Me A River (Ella Fitzgerald / Joe Cocker) – Rock In a Hard Place
10. I’m Down (Beatles) – Permanent Vacation
11. Rattlesnake Shake (Fleetwood Mac) Pandora's Box
12. Helter Skelter (Beatles) – Pandora’s Box
13. Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (Huey "Piano" Smith) - Box of Fire Bonus Disc
14. Love Me Two Times (Doors) – Young Lust (The Aerosmith Anthology)

Playlist: Eric Clapton - Clapton Is God
Sept 15, 2010 - In advance of the new Eric Clapton record soon to be released, here is a ‘God’ themed playlist of a few of his tracks. Some well known, others not so much. Worth a listen. Song titles are followed by the record where you can obtain the tracks. Load up your iPod and give it a listen. Sync and enjoy!

1.Presence Of The Lord - from "Blind Faith"
2.Give Me Strength – from "461 Ocean Boulevard"
3.We've Been Told (Jesus Is Coming Soon) – from "There’s One In Every Crowd"
4.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – from "There’s One In Every Crowd"
5.Hold Me Lord – from "Another Ticket"
6.Holy Mother – from "August"
7.Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – from "Crossroads"
8.Heaven Is One Step Away – from "Crossroads"
9.Running On Faith – from "Journeyman"
10.Tears In Heaven – from "Rush"
11.Sinner’s Prayer – from "From The Cradle"
12.If I Had Possession Over Judegement Day – from "Me And Mr Johnson"

Playlist: Jimi Hendrix - Overlooked"

Sept 18, 2007 - In honor of Jimi - here is a playlist of the not so popular/well known Hendrix tracks for your iPod. Synch and enjoy.

1. Peace In Mississippi - Crash Landing
2. Midnight - War Heroes
3. Beginnings - War Heroes
4. Cherokee Mist - Lifelines
5. Still Raining, Still Dreaming - Electric Ladyland
6. Pali-Gap - Rainbow Bridge
7. Hey Baby (The Land of the New Rising Sun) - Rainbow Bridge
8. Tax Free - War Heroes
9. Power Of Soul - South Saturn Delta
10. Highway Chile - War Heroes
11. Valley Of Neptune - Lifelines
12. Captain Coconut - Crash Landing

Playlist: Led Zeppelin - Overlooked

Sept 12, 2007 - With today’s announcement by Led Zeppelin that they are performing a one off concert in November, today’s playlist is a list of the less familiar Zeppelin songs for your ipod. Synch and enjoy
1. How Many More Times
2. Bring It On Home
3. Out On The Tiles
4. Four Sticks
5. The Crunge
6. The Rover
7. Candy Store Rock
8. Hot Dog
9. Bonzo's Montreux
10. Somethin’ Else

Playlist: Van Halen - Overlooked

Sept 11, 2007 - With the new Dave era Van Halen reunion tour about to start - thought i'd post a Dave-era playlist of non-hits. Again - not so much 'overlooked' - but not given the recognition the hits do!!

1. Romeo Delight
2. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
3. I'm The One
4. Mean Street
5. Ice Cream Man
6. Beautiful Girls
7. So This Is Love?
8. And The Cradle Will Rock....
9. Everybody Wants Some!!
10. Little Guitars
11 Atomic Punk
12. Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
13. Little Dreamer
14. On Fire