Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Album Of The Week

RINGO STARR...Ringo 2012 (2012)
(CD, vinyl, Allmusic review)

Ringo Starr's 17th studio album (as he has countless live albums) reached number 80 on the US Billboard album charts. Why Ringo doesn't sell more albums I'll never know. He consistently puts out some fine albums with good songs, good musicians and a general good times are had by all. Even though it's a short album it's worth your while to check it out.

1. ANTHEM (Richard Starkey, Glen Ballard) The albums best track, a very catchy tune that definitely makes your toe tap and you wanna sing along. Catch the drum track that was originally in the Beatles track 'Glass Onion'.
2. WINGS (Richard Starkey, Vini Poncia) 'Wings' was originally recorded for the 1977 album 'Ringo The 4th". Ringo evidently thought he could do a better version here but I personally prefer the original. This is the single for the album. A very good track
3. THINK IT OVER (Buddy Holly, Norman Petty) A cover version of the classic Buddy Holly tune. Very well done here
4. SAMBA (Richard Starkey, Van Dyke Parks) As you might think from the title it does have an infectious Brazilian feel to it. Very catchy, makes you wanna dance.
5. ROCK ISLAND LINE (arranged by Richard Starkey) I've always liked this song and this could be the best version ever. Ringo based this version on Lonnie Donnegan's version. Donnegan was popular during the skiffle phase of the 50's.
6. STEP LIGHTLY (Richard Starkey) Side 2 starts off with a re-recording of 'Step Lightly', which was originally on the 1973 album "Ringo". I prefer this version as it has a better overall sound to it.
7. WONDERFUL (Richard Starkey, Gary Nicholson) Might be the worst on the album but still a very nice track.
8. IN LIVERPOOL (Richard Starkey, Dave Stewart) Very cool track with Ringo singing about his youth in Liverpool, England.
9. SLOW DOWN (Richard Starkey, Joe Walsh) Could be the rockinest track on the album. The thing I noticed most is Ringo has a great vocal on this one. Good feel to it, very nice track

I give this album a very high recommendation. If people refuse to hear it because of whatever their hangups are about Ringo then that's their loss.

The Rock Show, where "Ringo 2012" is the Album Of The Week

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