Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Personal Commentary

Two things I'd like to blog about today. First, allow me to apologise for the long hiatus. According to the statistics that Blogger keeps on the amount that your blog is accessed this blog has many hits. Now, I don't feel obliged to post on the blog daily because my readers must see this information that we post (my brother and I both work on this blog). I backed out of doing this blog everyday because it was consuming so much of my time and thoughts and efforts. I began to think to myself that if I'm going to put so much efort into this that I need to get paid, somehow. I was doing so much research into the information that we blogged about it was becoming tedious. But, ya know, at the end of the day it was still fun, it is who I am, it's what I like. I like being on top of the rock genre scene. Who's got a birthday, who's got a new CD and record out, etc. etc. Worthless information, I know, but yet somebody must care because too many people find this genre still exciting. Rock 'n Roll is here to stay, and that's why my brother nicknamed me Mr. Rock 'N' Roll. I am gong to start blogging once again, but not everyday (I have enjoyed the extra time with my grandkids way too much) and not with the same ol "birthdays-on this date-new release" stuff. That information is readily available on much better constructed websites than this one. It will be opinions on albums, recent rock news and that sort of thing...making it more personal than just facts. You should leave your comments as well. Second, just for fun I do a hour long music show called "The Rock Show". I've done 82 of these things and later on today I will provide a link to the latest one so that you can download a zip file of the show and check it out for yourself. I put considerable thought and effort into this endeavour so I had some of the same thoughts about this as I did the blog. Am I wasting my time? Is it any good? Who's listening? How many are listening? Why can't I get paid for this? I used to be a radio DJ, for goodness sakes. I got paid and I did it for 10 years. I would like another paying gig. I wouldn't mind if a broadcasting company picked up my show, put sponors in it and payed me something. Even a little something. I hope you check it out. Now, as with all things considering music there is no way I can please everyone all the time. There will be things you don't like on it and things you will. Thank you, Michael David

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Sami said...

Can't wait to see the new posts, love your blog. Have you tried adding an ad program to possibly bring in profit? Rock on!