Friday, July 13, 2012

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK Def Leppard Hysteria (1987)

This week we check out Hysteria, the 4th studio album from Def Leppard, released 25 years ago in 1987.  It reached number 1 on the US Billboard Album charts.  It has sold more than 20 million copies worlwide.  Personally, this album holds so many memories for me.  First, it had been 4 years since the release of their last album Pyromania. Second, I was anxious to hear how the band would sound with a one-armed drummer.  Rick Allen had lost his arm in an auto accident December 31, 1984.  In the next couple of years MTV played videos from the album constantly, thus Hysteria pushed the "hair metal" to new heights and popularity.  I remember playing tracks from this album at parties throughout the late 80's.  The music is much more 'polished' than their 3 previous albums were.  That due to the producing direction of Robert John "Mutt" Lange, known for producing AC/DC, Bryan Adams, Foreigner, Nickelback, his ex-wie Shania Twain, and more recently Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood.  At times the album might sound a bit over-produced but this album still rocks.  The lead off track "Women" is probably the rockinest track as the others are more slick and Top 40ish.  "Love Bites" did hit number 1 on the US Billboard Singles charts.  "Pour Some Sugar On me" is still a fan favorite.  This one is highly recommended, but I'll bet just about everyone reading has heard this one for themselves.

(CD, vinyl, Allmusic review)

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