Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 27, 2013

QUEENSRYCHE...Operation: Mindcrime  (1988)
Operation: Mindcrime, the third album from Queensryche, was released 25 years ago today in 1988.  It was produced by Peter Collins. It reached number 50 on the U.S. Billboard album charts.  I will give this a 3 out of 5 stars.  The music itself is fantastic, with fantastic vocals from Geoff Tate while the band just flat out rocks!!  This is a concept album and the subject matter is a little dark.  It deals with a guy who is disillusioned with America, especially it's political state and he is now thinking of assassinating political leaders he deems corrupt by joining a revolutionary group which now tells him to kill a corrupt priest and a nun.  In the meantime he falls in love with the nun who once had been a prostitute.  She is killed but he can't remember if he is the one who killed her.  Besides the crazy story this turns out to be a cool listen.  The nearly 11 minute "Suite Sister Mary" is alone worth the price of admission, with Michael Kamen leading the orchestra (even though the lyrics are a bit ridiculous).  If you want to hear some good jammin' metal check out "Breaking The Silence." That has to be the highlight of the album for me.  The other highlight is the final track "Eyes of a Stranger."  Check it out, it's a good album
(CD, vinyl, Allmusic review)

Kate Pierson of The B-52's is 65; Ace Frehley is 62; Rob Squires of Big Head Todd and the Monsters is 48; Travis Meeks of Days of the New is 34; Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy is 29;

1947 Pete Ham of Badfinger is born in Swansea, Wales
1981 Ringo Starr marries Barbra Bach
1990 Axl Rose marries Erin Everly, daughter of Don Everly from the Everly Brothers. It lasts 29 days
2006 Cheap Trick and the Allman Brothers Band initiate a class-action suit against Sony BMG claiming that the music company hasn't paid them what’s due from digital-download sales
2006 Slash of Velvet Revolver and his second wife Perla file for divorce in Los Angeles
2008 The giant pig that is part of the Roger Waters stage show escapes. It was found a few miles away
2009 Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam suffers a head laceration after he is robbed outside a recording studio in Atlanta
2010 Fearless Love by Melissa Etheridge is released

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