Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

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BOB DYLAN...The Times They Are A-Changin'  (1964)
"The Times They Are A-Changin'" was released 50 years ago today in 1964.  It reached number 20 on the U.S. Billboard album charts.  It would be best to check out the Allmusic review rather than read mine.  They like the album.  Me...not so much.  First, I'm just not a fan of the folk-rock scene.  It's not horrible by any means, some of it is good.  But what gets me with Dylan is that he cannot sing, it's so irritating.  Most people either love him or hate him.  I am in neither category as he has put out some terrific material but it's usually a track here and a track there.  There is only one Dylan album that I liked every track ("Infidels").  For this album the terrific track was 'The Ballad Of Hollis Brown'.  The rest, not so much.  Just because I wasn't all that keen on the record doesn't mean you won't be.  I definitely suggest you give it a try as there are millions of folks out there who do love Dylan's albums.  You might be one, too
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Trevor Rabin, formerly with Yes, is 60; James Lomenzo of Megadeth is 55; Graham "Suggs" McPherson from Madness is 53; Lee Agnew of Nazareth is 43;


1967 The Rolling Stones appear on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'
1969 Yellow Submarine album by the Beatles is released
2003 Pete Townshend of The Who was arrested in London on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children. He was later cleared

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