Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rod Stewart - Never A Dull Moment

Rod Stewart's 4th solo album "Never A Dull Moment" was released 40 years ago in 1972 and reach number 2 on the U.S. Billboard album charts.  "Never A Dull Moment" is exactly right.  This album is a stellar release from Stewart back in the day when all of his albums were stellar.  It is fantastic from start to finish. 
I had not heard the album in years and so therefore it sounded pretty fresh to my mind.  The opening track, "True Blue", could be the best track on the record, followed by "Los Paraguoyas", which is some really nice folk-rock type music.  Then there is a Bob Dylan cover "Mama You've Been On My Mind".  Rod does a nice job on this one.  "Italian Girls" rocks, followed by an excellent cover of the Jimi Hendrix track "Angel."  Stewart's vocals are just excellent on this track.  A short instrumental "Interludings" lands us into the single "You Wear It Well," which only reached number 13 on the US Billboard pop singles charts (it should have been a top 10).  "I'd Rather Be Blind", a slow bluesy number originally recorded by Etta James, is worth the price of the album alone.  It is captivating, it will grab your attention.  The album ends on a rockin' good note with another cover, this one of the Sam Cooke hit "Twistin' The Night Away".  Absolutely a brilliant rocker to end yet another brilliant Rod Stewart album.  Most folks feel this was the last of the great Rod Stewart albums (I certainly disagree).  It is highly recommended. 

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