Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

KISS...Kiss  (1974)
Kiss was released 40 years ago in 1974.  It reached number 87 on the U.S. Billboard album charts.  What's interesting about this album is...everything.  I love debut albums because it is the youngest you will ever hear that artist.  On this debut the band is setting a clear path to the direction the band would go in the future with their hard rock sound, the incredible playing (especially from the 2 members that always get bashed, Ace and Peter), and the makeup.  The makeup would go through some changes in the next few years, especially Peter and Gene's.  Paul Stanley has some great vocals on this record.  Another interesting thing is that when it was released 40 years ago it was largely unnoticed.  Even tho this album is very good and is highly recommended it wasn't until the next year when they released their first live album we found out just how significant they are to rock 'n' roll.  'Deuce,' 'Cold Gin' and 'Strutter' are the highlights.
(vinyl, CD, Allmusic review)

Dennis DeYoung, formerly with Styx, is 67; Robbie Bachman, formerly with Bachman-Turner Overdrive, is 61; Larry Rust, formerly with Iron Butterfly, is 61;

1968 David Gilmour becomes the guitarist for Pink Floyd, replacing Syd Barrett
1974 Kiss by Kiss is released
1980 Bill Wyman announces he will be leaving the Rolling Stones. However, he doesn't do it until 1992
1995 Bob Stinson from the Replacements passes away in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Stinson was 35


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